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Erica Andrews

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Coming from a small town in western New York, community and relationships have always been important to me. When it comes to health and wellness, those relationships become even more important. 


Watching women become mothers, I realized how important it is to empower families throughout this entire journey. I am passionate about health, wellness and informed consent. Birth can be scary for many people; having an advocate can make your birth memorable,

in a good way!

As a doula, I am there to provide continued support, both physical and emotional. This support starts prenatally and continues through postpartum support. While providing evidence-based information, doulas help the families feel empowered as we bring their babe earthside. 

Nothing in this world makes me happier than working in the world of birth. I’ve found my home, I’ve found my calling. Enough about me, let’s meet up for some coffee and you can tell me all of your birthing dreams!





My angel, baby number three was born on THANKSGIVING DAY!  If you want to find out the dedication and passion of a person, take them away from their thanksgiving dinner that was two hours away!  Erica was all of that!  Dedicated, passionate, available, eager and there for me throughout my labor.  She offered all inclusive support, mentally, physically and emotionally.   Not only to me, but for my husband as well. Anything I needed she was right there for me AND she allowed space and support for my husband to be involved which was important to us.  Erica's non-judgemental personality made me extremely safe and her desire to bring my birthing vision to fruition created a sense of comfort as I centered myself and focused on my labor.


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